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Criminal Defense

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When the government brings its resources against one of its citizens, good representation is essential. The criminal lawyers at Bangs McCullen Law Firm have the legal knowledge and experience to help you with felony and misdemeanor charges in state or federal court, including charges involving alcohol and drugs, embezzlement, violence, theft, white-collar, and more.

Our criminal defense lawyers are equipped to handle your case from the initial pre-file investigation through trial and appeal.

Our criminal defense attorneys specialize in defending people who find themselves in the criminal justice system. If you been charged with committing a crime, our experienced criminal defense lawyers will develop a strategy to bring your case to its best possible conclusion.


Driving Under The Influence (DUI/DWI):

Being charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWI) of drugs or alcohol in South Dakota brings the possibility of large fines, the loss of your driver’s license, and sometimes even jail or prison time. Our lawyers will work to protect your record and avoid high-risk insurance costs.


False Accusations:

Our criminal defense attorneys will put the prosecution to its highest burden to ensure that if you are falsely accused, the whole truth will be on your side.


Crimes of Violence/Firearms Crimes:

As a South Dakotan, you have both the right of self-defense and the right to “Stand Your Ground.” Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to defend your right to stand your ground in your own defense in every South Dakota court.


Drug Offenses:

Being accused of selling, conspiring to distribute or even obtaining or possessing even small quantities of marijuana or controlled substances can result in long prison sentences. This is especially true in Federal courts, where nearly every changed offense carries a five- or ten-year mandatory minimum sentence. Our lawyers have the necessary experience to defend complex drug prosecutions in both State and Federal courts.


Property and Financial Crimes:

Offenses involving and theft, embezzlement, money laundering or other financial crimes mean serious financial penalties. It also could cause the loss of your career or business, and the possibility of prison time. Prosecutors have the limitless resources of the government on their side. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure that you are afforded your right to defend your case.


Pardons and Expungements

If you have an old criminal conviction or arrest on your record and want to put your past behind you, we can help. To find out if you qualify, contact one of our criminal attorneys.

Attorneys Who Practice Criminal Defense

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